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Alzheimer's disease and iatrogenicity of antipsychotics

Web page - Posted on Oct 02 2012
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Reduce the inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs in the Alzheimer’s disease

Methods & tools




NL prescription
Avoiding the risk   Identifying the risk   Decreasing the risk

New guidelines

on behaviour disorders and confusion in people with AD that describe proper use of NL and other psychotropic drugs as well as new non pharmaceutical techniques of care [behavioural disorders]



Local Alert Indicator

Identify people with AD exposed to NL. Local warning signal = percentage of people with AD taking NL. This indicator is easy to measure in all care sectors



Local Mastering indicator

based on the review of prescriptions for identified people with AD exposed to NL, in order to correct inappropriate prescriptions.
Indicator for risk containment = rate of NL prescriptions confirmed for people with AD

AIM: to decrease the neuroleptic prescription, improve management of BPSD
and improve quality of life

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Results (clinical impact)


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