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Kidney transplantation - Access to the French waiting list

Practice guidelines - Posted on Dec 02 2015

The objective of this clinical practice guideline is to foster access to the national kidney transplant waiting list and reduce disparities in access and registration delays.

The guideline defines referral criteria and indications for kidney transplant access, as well for pre-transplant assessment, a standard for renal transplant candidates.

Key messages:

  • Identify 12 to 18 months prior to replacement therapy, all patients who may require referral to a renal transplant pathway ;

  • Discuss with patients their options regarding replacement therapy, including transplant donor type ;

  • Following patient agreement, initiate pre-transplant assessment and/or refer patients under 85 years of age, with an irreversible, progressive stage 4 or stage 5 CKD, whether or not on dialysis, to a transplant team if his/her situation does not fall under unjustified referrals or referrals to be discussed (see the Quick Reference Guide).


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